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by Hans Burger on Old Neighborhood Foods
Shaved Steak

I just found your shaved steak at a local Stop&Shop, couldn't wait to get home and cook some up, OMG, is that good or what? You have a new LOYAL fan and customer.

by Vicky Russell on Old Neighborhood Foods
excellent product

I, usually do not eat steak. This shaved steak is to die for! It is so tender and not greasy and you can eat it with just mushrooms and onions or make a mush/onion/cheese steak hoagie! I am making some tonight and going to add some fresh jalapenos.


The absolute best Italian sausage. The casing has just the right amount of snap and firmness, and the inside has just the right amount of kick, and isn't spongey as many sausages are. I eat them in spaghetti, with hot dog buns, plain for breakfast, etc...! So glad to have found these at Market Basket!

found the beef shaved steak at Walmart and figured I would try it well it is the only meat the family will eat for steak hoagies and calzones it is a big hit just love it thanks for making it!!!

The real deal!

Unlike the popular processed meat product with 'steak' in its name, your shaved beef is of great quality, tastes fabulous and makes *the best* Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. Thanks to Stew Leonard's, Farmingdale, NY, for carrying it. We cannot get over the excellent flavor and the reasonable price! Thank you, and keep up the great work.

Steak Sandwiches

Picked up a package of shaved steak in our local Wal-Mart here in central PA. These make delicious cheesesteaks on bakery rolls, Wiz "wit." Everybody loved 'em. This is the new go-to cheesesteak meat for us. Forget the frozen pressed stuff. This is the real thing.

by Judy Baum on Old Neighborhood Foods
Fantastic beef

This makes the BEST sandwiches! I am recommending this product to all my family and friends. I can't wait to try different recipes with it.

by Livvi Finley on Old Neighborhood Foods

First time
Too much grizzle very chewy 😬
I usually buy another brand which is frozen sirloin and a little more pricey.
Your's looks very appetizing but not up to par for me!

by MaryAnne Serras on Old Neighborhood Foods

I like all ur products ,but wish the casing was not so tough.

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