December 12th, 2013

Cooking With Onions


Onions are pretty common in meat dishes, so as a continuation of our cooking tips, we are hoping to help you choose the right onions for your dishes. We’ll even provide some of our previous recipes as examples.

Yellow Onions

These are the standard onions. In most cases, when a recipe calls for onions, they mean these. These are also the most common ones that we have been using in our own recipes. In most cases, they are the first in the pan, cooked until transparent or caramelized. Yellow onions work best for dishes that are cooked over time on low heat, such as sauces, soups stews, stocks, or sautés.

A great place to add yellow onions are in Philly Cheesesteaks (along with green bell peppers!).

 ONF cheesesteak

Also, this onion was used in flavoring the broth in our Beef Steak Pho recipe.

CroppedBowl2 Pho-Broth-Ingredients


Red Onions

These tend to be pungent and spicy. Best consumed raw, you can find and use these in salads, wraps, sandwiches, salsas, and burgers. Our recent Shaved Pork Gyro recipes as well as our Asian Chicken Salad recipe are best served using raw slices of red onions!

 gyroThmbnl AsianChickenSalad-large

Sweet Onions

These onions are minimally pungent and break down more quickly when cooked. Because their flavor doesn’t match the complexity of yellow onions, they shouldn’t really be used in place of them. However, I admit that I do tend to use these when I don’t want too strong of an onion flavor in my dish. These are best used for grilling, onion rings, gratins, or consumed raw like the red onions. Sweet onions were used in our Cheesesteak Omelet with Mushroom, Pepper, and Onion Recipe



White Onions

These onions are sharper than yellow onions, and crisper in flavor. They can be used raw like red onions, or cooked like yellow onions. White onions work best for Mexican food, chili, white sauces, or for previously mentioned raw uses. Thinly sliced white onions were also used in our recent Beef Steak Pho recipe as a garnish right before serving.

 Pho Thumbnail

Hopefully, this gave you a bit more information regarding onions. They work well with meats, so don’t hesitate to cook them with any of our products!

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