Uncompromising Quality, Continuous Improvement

Old Neighborhood Foods is committed to providing your customers with only the finest, best-tasting deli meats. We never stop improving and adding to our quality Old Neighborhood and Thin ‘N Trim product lines. Click on the respective logos to visit our Food Service fact sheets to find the most recent information about our products, so you can make an informed and confident buying decision.

Old Neighborhood Foods LogoOur flagship brand offers an outstanding line of deli meats, frankfurters, sausages and shaved meats, for Philly Cheesesteaks, based on time-tested family recipes — all made from only the highest quality meats and spices. Your customers will appreciate our great taste, consistent quality and wide variety. In fact, we offer more than a dozen cooked and uncooked varieties of sausage created from original Old Country family recipes.

Thin 'n Trim LogoIn response to changing customer demand, our Thin ‘n Trim brand offers a wide variety of low-fat, lower-sodium great tasting deli meats along with seven new chicken sausages and a chicken frank. All are gluten-free and contain no MSG. We continually develop and test new recipes and flavor profiles with one goal in mind: to produce nutritious deli meats with half the sodium, less fat, perfect texture, and delicious taste. Your customers will enjoy the results.

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