September 17th, 2012

Sept. 16 – 22: Supermarket Deals

Just in case you didn’t catch the circulars for this week, here are a few of the supermarket deals that are going on until Saturday, September 22.

Old Neighborhood BolognaAt your local Hannaford, you can pick up Old Neighborhood German or Beef Bologna for $ 2.99/lb this week.

Old Neighborhood Sausage Links

Over at Market Basket, there is a wide variety of sales that you can snag up this week. All varieties of 12 oz. packages of Old Neighborhood Sausage Links are on the shelves for $2.59 each. The 3-lb. family pack of Polska Kielbasa is also 50¢ cheaper, at $6.49 a package.


Though summer is nearing an end, you can still enjoy Old Neighborhood beef franks and beef & pork frankfurts. Market Basket has our skinless 1-lb packages for $2.29 each and our natural casing 1-lb packages for $3.29 each. While you’re at it, check out 50 Super Ways to Enjoy Hot Dogs!

Market Basket also has Old Neighborhood Shaved Pork and Chicken at $3.69/lb. That’s 30¢ cheaper per pound! Not sure what to do with them? You can check out our shaved pork recipes and our shaved chicken recipes for ideas.


Please note that not all deals for supermarkets are on this post. We’re working on getting all that together to better provide you with this information!  🙂

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