February 26th, 2013

Old Neighborhood Shaved Steak: The Better Choice for Philly Cheesesteaks…Still!

Nine months ago we revamped our website and with that came the addition of our Testimonials page. Whether people have used that page or our Contact Us page to communicate with us, it has always been nice to hear what people have had to say. Not only does it give us an understanding of what consumers look for in their food products, but it also helps to let us know that we are successfully producing “Quality Foods.”

ONF cheesesteakI have come to notice that on our Testimonials page itself, many of them are about our Shaved Meats, with Shaved Steak being the primary recipient of compliments! While it is easy for us to claim that our product makes the best Philly cheesesteak ever, it’s surely reaffirming when we have residents of Pennsylvania telling us the same thing! Our most recent testimonial was posted just last week by Leo White of Fairless Hills, PA:
[note color=#ffffff][quote style=”1″]I grew up in Philly and I know Philly cheesesteaks. I know the neighborhood places, not the tourist places.
Tried your shaved steak today, made a cheesesteak sandwich and it was excellent.
I had given up due to frozen products etc.
Your product will be a ‘buy’ in this household ![/quote][/note] Success!!
Just a few testimonials below Leo, we also have one from Frank Ruffo in November 2012:

[note color=#ffffff][quote style=”1″]Unreal! Just told my girlfriend that I just may have eaten the best Cheesesteak ever! And I have lived in Philly for 47 years!! We will continue to buy this and try all of your products![/quote][/note] While there are other testimonials that mention how great our products are for cheesesteaks and subs, these two surely stand out as the writers clearly pointed out that they lived (or grew up) in Philadelphia! This is definitely good news to hear for us, and hopefully persuasive enough for you to give us a try. Check out all of the other responses to our meats on our Testimonials page, and maybe you can leave one of your own! 🙂

Just to recap on our Shaved Steak (and essentially our Shaved Pork and Shaved Chicken):

shavedMeats• All three of our products are shaved thin, allowing for quick cook times and the convenience of not having to shave your own meat!
• Our shaved meats contain no additives! They are 100% meat! That also means they are low in sodium!
• And with our products being ALL meat, zero additives, they are also lean!
• While the majority of people use our shaved steak for cheesesteaks, all three of our products are versatile, in that they can be used for BBQs, salads, fajitas, wraps, stir fry, you name it!


In any case, thank you all for the lovely feedback regarding our products. We will continue to produce quality foods, from our neighborhood to yours.



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