November 28th, 2012

Old Neighborhood Shaved Steak Now in Stop & Shop and Giant Supermarkets!!

We have recently gotten our Old Neighborhood Beef Shaved Steak into Ahold USA, the parent company of the Stop & Shop and Giant Food supermarkets located in our very own northeast!! That means there are 800 more stores and opportunities for you to pick up our shaved steak. Just look for our packages in those stores!

Need a quick recap on our shaved steak? Well, it is all natural, meaning no pump, no additives, just 100% beef! It is not even processed! It is low in sodium, since the only sodium it has is what is already naturally occurring in the meat itself. Also, it is low in fat — roughly 88 % – 92 % lean! It is sliced very thin at your convenience, which makes for quick, easy-to-prepare meals without the hassle of having to slice your own beef at home.

Not exactly sure how to use it? Well if you’re from the Northeast, here’s a quick answer — Philly Cheesesteaks!! Use our Shaved Steak and try to make our Philly Cheesesteak Recipe. Otherwise, our Beef Shaved Steak makes for great fajitas, quesadillas, stir fy, sandwiches, salads, soups, BBQ, and so much more! You can check our some of our recipes also, such as Steak Tostadas and Sesame Beef with Spicy Green Beans. Yum!!!


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