January 3rd, 2013

Happy New Year from Old Neighborhood

Happy 2013!! We hope everyone had fun over the holidays. By now, most of you have already decided on your New Year’s Resolution(s). Last New Year’s Day, in 2012, TIME provided a list of the Top 10 Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions, and they were:

• Lose Weight and Get Fit
• Quit Smoking
• Learn Something New
• Eat Healthier and Diet
• Get Out of Debt and Save Money
• Spend More Time with Family
• Travel to New Places
• Be Less Stressed
• Volunteer
• Drink Less

Most likely, those make up the majority of the same resolutions that you’ve made this time year, in hopes that this time around, you’ll do better. If your 2013 resolution(s) happens to be on that list, just know that while Old Neighborhood can’t directly help you Be Less Stressed, we can help you a little bit with Eating Healthy. Though the majority of our low fat and low sodium products are with our Thin ‘n Trim brand, it is nice to know that Old Neighborhood offers a few of our own.

Those few would be Old Neighborhood Beef Shaved Steak, Shaved Chicken, and Shaved Pork. All three of these products are low fat, low sodium, and free of any additives! They are each shaved thin for your convenience, allowing you to prepare quick meals without the hassle of slicing the meat on your own. Being shaved thin also means being able to cook the meat faster! Just last year, we’ve expanded our Old Neighborhood shaved meats down to North Carolina, and as far north as Canada!! It’s about time that we become a part of your home meals, if not already :). Check out some of our recipes too (our shaved meats allow for great versatility)!

There are also a few other products that can be considered low fat and low sodium. If you’re not entirely sure as to which products offer which benefits, just look for these icons as you are browsing our site.

Lower Soduim ProductGluten Free ProductAll Natural Ingredients Product

And of course with every plan of eating healthy, we will always have our “cheat days”. For those days, you can always consider our other Old Neighborhood products such as our abundance of sausage flavors, our hot dogs, our deli meats, and our briskets! So with that, we wish you good health, good luck, and good fortune for this year!

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