November 14th, 2013

Good Nutrition Month

November is Good Nutrition Month! Our health-conscious sister brand, Thin ‘n Trim, prides herself on having chicken sausages, chicken hot dogs, deli meat, and ham steaks that have low fat, low sodium, and low calories. While our nutrition facts aren’t as strict as Thin ‘n Trim’s, we at Old Neighborhood Foods are still looking out for your health in the following areas:

Old Neighborhood Carries Gluten Free ProductsGluten-Free

Our Old Neighborhood Foods products (aside from our Chinese sausage) are gluten-free. What does gluten have to do with our meat products? Well, that just means our QC department has examined our spices and made sure that they do not contain any gluten! Which explains why our Chinese sausage is still not gluten-free – it has soy sauce. However, we are in the process of switching our Chinese sausage product over to being gluten-free, by using tamari powder as a soy sauce substitute. Soon enough, every single Old Neighborhood Foods item will be gluten-free.

Gluten-free products are extremely important for those with celiac disease or those who have gluten sensitivity. Consumption of gluten by these people causes an immune reaction within their intestines and could eventually lead to bigger health issues. Thus, gluten-free products help to prevent these people from having future health complications.

Old Neighborhood Foods has no msg, zero trans fat


There is some controversy with the use of MSG in food products. Many people have had adverse reactions to foods with MSG that include: headaches, heart palpitations, chest pain, nausea, weakness, flushing, and sweating. Since researchers can’t seem to find definitive evidence linking these reactions to MSG, the general consensus is to just avoid MSG altogether. With that said, none of our products have MSG.

Zero Trans Fat

All of our products have zero trans fat. FDA regulations allow companies to claim “0 trans fat” when they have less than .05 grams of trans fat per serving. However, if the words “partially hydrogenated” or “shortening” appear in the ingredients list, then the product actually does have trans fat. Good news is that none of our products are like that. We have absolutely no trans fat whatsoever in all of our products; that means no partially hydrogenated oils or shortening either! Why is this important? Well, trans fat has been shown to increase your risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and depression!

We have been around for 100 years and we will always be keen on making the right changes for you! And as always, if you want healthier, low fat, low sodium options, look to our sister brand, Thin ‘n Trim!

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