August 24th, 2012

Forget Steak Umms. We Got Real Steak (Pork & Chicken). Mmmm!

We may have built our business on sausages, but don’t be surprised, if – in the near future – our brand becomes more synonymous with shaved meats. Here’s why:

after almost a hundred years, we’ve been around the block, and when it comes to quality meat, we’ve got a hunch we know what you want…

  • We know you expect quality: so we use only the quality cuts  for beef. This means cap off the top round of USDA choice steer; pork shoulder; grade A chicken breast.
  • We know you like it lean: that’s why we trimmed most of the fat, but kept just a little bit for flavor. Our steak is 90% lean, pork is 92% lean & chicken is 98% lean.
  •  We know you need it natural: so we don’t use chemicals. No preservatives. No msg. Gluten-free. In fact, we don’t even add water. There’s no pump. No inject. No fillers.
  • We know you can always use convenience: we’re all crunched for time. That’s why we flash freeze our meats, then shave them paper-thin. It makes meals a real cinch!
  • We know you want versatility: that’s why we held the salt & seasoning. There’s not even an ingredient list – just high-quality shaved meat. Add your favorite spices & sauce for custom creations — from sandwiches to sautes, stir-frys to fajitas.
  • And we also know times are tough: since there’s no added moisture, you get about 15% more meat for your money.
  • We know you’re interested in new ideas: so stay tuned — we’re rolling out a whole  bunch of tasty recipes real soon!


Check us out at your local market, and visit our new websites below.  We would love your feedback. So give them a go, and let us know!



One response to “Forget Steak Umms. We Got Real Steak (Pork & Chicken). Mmmm!”

  1. nancy guzy says:

    great stuff! shredded beef!! thnks 4 thinking about us (those who are allergic to artificial additives.) Thanks again. Hoping to find chicken and pork in our market as well.

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